Lava Tubes

Galapagos Islands

Copyright: Michael Oswald/Wikimedia Commons
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Lava Tubes

A network of eerily beautiful underground tunnels extends for several kilometres near the village of Santa Rosa. They formed when the outer layer of a lava flow solidified, allowing the interior to continue flowing, leaving the hollow lava tunnels for travelers to explore freely. They are vast and have electric lighting, making them easy to explore independently, or with the help of hired guides.

Do & See

The Galapagos Islands feature some of the world's most interesting volcanic formations, and the landscapes often look like something out of fiction or fantasy. Caves, lava fields, beaches, and volcanoes offer visitors exceptional hiking, swimming, and scuba diving. And wherever travellers spend their days on the islands, they are always surrounded by abundant fascinating and unique wildlife. Getting up close and personal with this wildlife is a truly unique experience.