Trinidad Carnival

Port of Spain

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Trinidad Carnival

Dating back to the 18th century, the Carnival in Port of Spain, Trinidad is one of the most vibrant festivals in the Caribbean, and the world over. It begins on the Monday before Ash Wednesday and ends the following day. Before the festivities kick off, there are a series of pre-Carnival events and parties, in which visitors will experience firsthand the best of Trinidad's music and entertainment. The Calypso Monarch competition and the Soca Monarch competition are two of the most important ones. After that, the streets of Port of Spain come alive with a massive parade showcasing elaborate costumes. Participants dance through the streets to the beat of soca and calypso music. Last but not least, as in any other major event, local authorities recommend that visitors take precautions to ensure their safety and enjoy the carnival to the fullest. If you are lucky enough to be in Port of Spain at this time of the year, do not miss out.

Do & See

Port of Spain is a thriving, major city in the Caribbean. Its tall buildings, busy streets, and bright lights, might make you think it is similar to many other cities, however, Port of Spain has a unique Caribbean flair. The city boasts a range of activities such as cricket and football matches, shopping centres, an art and history museum, historic landmarks and of course, the Trinidad Carnival in Easter. What is also worth checking out during your visit to Port of Spain is Calypso music, an Afro-Caribbean musical tradition that emerged in Trinidad and Tobago. There are many bars and clubs in the city where it is possible to experience Trinidad's Calypso music. There are several stunning beaches in the region, ranging from the ones most frequented by visitors on day trips from Port of Spain to peaceful and secluded spots, which are preferred by the locals.