The 16 Unique Ways People Dance All Over the World

And now, a global story of movement and music.

One of the best ways to get to know a country is not just through its music, but through the movement it inspires. Around the world, dance has served for centuries as a form of artistic expression, religious enlightenment, and storytelling. The currents of history, too, roll through many dances whose intricate steps and syncopated beats are a product of clashing civilizations, slavery, and immigration. From Ethiopia’s shoulder-bouncing eskitsa to the whirling dervishes of Turkey, journey around the world with these 16 dance-crazes.

12 Private Islands Perfect for Self-Isolation

Whether you dream of being pampered at a resort or prefer to rough it out like Tom Hanks and his volleyball, here are 12 private islands to imagine the perfect self-isolation.

If you look out the window and see snow falling as you shuffle from your kitchen to your couch, take a second, close your eyes, and imagine yourself on a private island. You’re still following the rules of self-isolation, but this time you’re surrounded by gentle water, soft white sands, and trees with fruit ripe for the picking. Your days are spent in hammocks, and the next humans are at least an island over, much further than six feet away. Being on a private island would be so great right now. Don’t despair: While we can no longer jump on a plane to get to these paradises, there’s comfort in knowing they still exist. And when travel is an option again, keep in mind that some are less expensive than you might think (and even come with private boats). But for the time being, shuffle back to that kitchen, make yourself a Mai Tai, and take in some eye candy featuring islands from Norway all the way to the Philippines.

Arson, Blood Rituals, and Disney Characters: Around the World in 10 Cults

It’s like a timeshare presentation that you and your family can never leave.

There are a thousand facets of a country’s culture that tell you about the values and beliefs of its citizens—like food, music, literature, and cults that reshape your brain and consume your life. The United States has a long and troubled history with Alternative Religions (especially California, where you are legally mandated to start your own cult or they take away your weed card), but it hardly invented the idea of devoting your entire life to a really intense book club. Here are some of the weirdest and most intense cults from around the globe.