12 of Europes Strangest Traditions

Those who believe that Europe is a grand home for the sophisticated and urbane might be in for a mighty shock when they learn about some of the continent’s more unusual traditions.

If you’re impressed by Europe’s sartorial style, elegant cuisine, and cobblestoned streets, then you’ll probably be less than enthralled by La Tomatina–a massive tomato fight held annually in the Spanish town of Buñol. Or by Luxembourg’s bizarre hopping procession through the town of Echternach. Here are a few reasons to doubt Europe’s veneer of cool.

10 Secret Greek Island Getaways for Those Who Want to Get Lost

These islands were once Greece's best-kept secrets...until now.

Lose the cell phone, drop the tablet, pack a towel, your favorite swimsuit, some sunblock, and a great book. It’s time to disconnect: Prepare to go barefoot in paradise. Peaceful, remote, and barely on the map, these 10 Greek islands are perfect for those of you who just want to get lost. Everyone’s heard about the wild parties on Mykonos and the spectacular sunsets of Santorini. And yes, we’ve all got a soft spot for Zakynthos and its powder-soft sandy beaches. But with 6,000 islands to choose from, why not go under the radar in Greece?