5 Things You Didnt Know About the Worlds Most Incredible Libraries

Don’t judge these libraries by their covers.

Libraries are one of the most vital and important institutions in any society or community. They safeguard history, culture—democratizing access to information and literature. But there’s more to their physical spaces than the books that occupy their shelves. The world’s most impressive libraries also happen to be home to unique art, artifacts, and unique agreements you might not notice right away.

Revealed: The Secrets of the Guinness Brewery

If you are one of the 20 million visitors who have already experienced the Guinness Storehouse tour, its time to return for the new Behind the Gates tour to become a Guinness Completist.

Portugal’s 10 Best Castles and Fortified Cities

You might know Portugal for its sun-drenched coastline, but this is also a land of palaces.

With the Atlantic Ocean on the west and Spain to the east, Portugal was always forced to protect its borders. Traveling through the country today, you’ll find numerous strongholds built to prevent invasions from the Spanish and many civilizations before them. The region of Alentejo alone has more than a dozen castles, and there are many more hiding in the northern part of the country around Porto and even close to the capital city of Lisbon. Some have been converted into hotels, while others remain empty, coming alive only during summer festivals. From isolated structures to entire towns enclosed by stone walls, these are the best castles and fortified cities in Portugal.

20 Must-Visit Sites on UNESCOs Tentative List

Skip overcrowded UNESCO World Heritage Site and discover these sites on the “tentative” list instead.

During months of sitting at home dreaming of travel, our imaginations might have been drawn to famous landmarks and destinations. The 1,100-plus UNESCO World Heritage Sites are bucket-list favorites, for good reasons. But, not so many travelers known about cultural, historic, natural and built heritage sites on UNESCO’s “tentative list”. These are UNESCO World Heritage Sites “in waiting”—sites that individual states are considering for nomination onto the A-list. While some are already major attractions in their own right, others are virtually unknown to tourists. Travelers dreaming of adding some of the world’s most impressive cultural and natural sites to their future itineraries should check out the tentative list. Visiting these places (when you can) will be an opportunity to spread tourist dollars around while still seeing some of the world’s most important heritage sites.

Last-Minute Fathers Day Gifts for Your Favorite Globe Trotter

The perfect gift for every type of travel-dad.

It’s okay to admit that you forgot Father’s Day—with little to no schedule it’s been hard to tell Tuesday from Friday, let alone remember every holiday, major or minor. But it’s not too late to pretend you knew all along with a gift that feels like it took weeks to plan. We’re helping you find a gift for every type of dad, from the one who loves camping to the foodie to the dad whose work has him at the airport weekly. Frantic Amazon search no more because we’re rounding up the perfect gifts for your travel-loving father.

Jaw-Dropping Photos of Sea Life in One of the Most Biodiverse Regions of the World

A look at the underwater life of Indonesia's exclusive islands through a diver's goggles.

While zipping between Raja Ampat’s breathtaking islands and reveling at the turquoise lagoons, one can easily envision dinosaurs roaming this enchanting, sculpted paradise, which earned a place on Fodor’s 2020 Go List. Raja Ampat, Indonesia, is one of the few places in the world where divers squint to discern rice-sized pygmy seahorses on one dive and are awed by bus-sized whale sharks (the largest fish in the sea) on the next. Since four flights are typically required to reach this captivating corner of the world, considered the apex for scuba diving, the area has remained relatively untouched and pristine. INSIDER TIPFrom the United States, plan for 50 hours of travel to reach these remote islands, often including an overnight stay in Bali or Jakarta to catch a red-eye flight to Sorong via Makassar.

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